Friday, September 23, 2005

Southampton's Surrender Monkey

The cover story in this week’s Speccie has me at sixes and sevens. Peter Oborne is writing about John Denham, the man who resigned his position before the war started and now chairs the Home Affairs select committee. It is quite a paean of praise, but it just doesn’t work.
Denham is a classic of the old breed of dhimmitudinous socialist. Oborne is surprised when Denham explicitly suggests “that our foreign policy should in part be shaped by alarms about domestic policy”. It was ever thus, and if not then it should have been, so nothing really startling there.
What is remarkable, given the importance of his position is his, to my eyes, twisted prescription of how we in Britain should respond to the Jihadis who assail us from without and within.
What he feels should be done is a list of the worst counter ‘English liberties’ that this government is promoting.
“He said he was in favour of the ‘gathering of a wide range of information about individuals — cell-phone usage, travel information, centralising data for identity cards and so on”.
But the Government should not ban Islomofascist organisations such as al-Muhajiroun, because we need the consent of the Muslim population, and anyway there is “so much information is spread by the internet and in small groups” that banning them would be ineffectual. Incitement to terrorism should not become an offence – come back Omar Bakri – however it is perfectly OK to lock people up without trial, "There are clear circumstances in which preventive action — by detention, or otherwise restricting the liberty of individuals — is necessary”.
So we can do away we Habeus Corpus, but hold on what else mustn’t we do, that’s right he disapproves of the deportation of “small group of foreign radicals”. Interestingly he has no “objection in principle to removing people from the country or preventing them coming here if they are not conducive to the public good”, but I suspect he is talking about hunt supporters or President Bush.

The man would have us roll over in blind supplication to Islam, and would only raise a finger to stop us defending ourselves.
What on earth Peter Oborne is doing writing all this in hagiographical style I cannot understand.

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