Thursday, September 01, 2005

Good riddance

I have previously blogged about the vile Lord (oh how he shames the title) Watson of nowhere special. However it seems that he has been found guilty of “to a charge of wilful fire-rising that put the lives of hotel guests in danger.”.
Setting fire to curtains whilst pissed and “hiding his matches in the sporran of his kilt”. What is astonishing is the tripe boiled up by his advocate,
“Paul Burns, defending, told the court: "The events of this night are as incomprehensible to Mr Watson as they must be to the many people who have looked at them and puzzled over them."It is not perplexing. They are not incomprehensible. He is as culpable as the drunken louts he and his kind denounce every day. Will he get an ASBO? Will he be bound over to keep the peace? Will he have a restraining order demanding at least a gap of two yards between himself and any soft furnishing?
It seems that the slug is resigning from his position as MSP for Cathcart, but will he be thrown out of the Lords, or will he still be able to put his charcoal crusted mits over legislation from London?


Anonymous said...

A Labour Peer and MSP, encrusted with honours as befits an entrenched member of the ruling left-liberal elite. An arsonist? an ASBO? hardly fitting punishment you might say. I can think of two senior tories who did porridge for much less serious crimes. A spell in the nick, and no special favours from the home office which persued the two tories viciously through their incarcerations.

Gothamimage said...