Monday, August 08, 2005

Us too, we was there

When a film is made of the rescuse ofthe Russian mini sub, we must all undersatnd that it was the Americans wot did it. It may have been a British submersible Scorpio which cut the poor blighters out of their predicament, but that hasn't stopped the Naval Department claiming credit.
"on board the Russian ship from where the Scorpio crew were conducting the rescue operation, a U.S. naval medic was on standby to treat the submariners,"
Not only that there we some US navy divers looking at the computor screen whilst the Navy were sorting the Russians out.

So lets think screenplay.
US boat, crew and medic helping female Russian sub crew. Well that'll be the Hollywood version.

Up the tars


ChrisWoznitza said...

Great page !!! Greatings from Germany- Bottrop!!!

Anonymous said...

Get that Aussie/Yank who played Braveheart, the Jocks will love it!

Anonymous said...

learn to write, "us too, we was there," correct grammar should be a formality when you write

Elaib said...

Much as I appreciate a pendant providing a running criticism of my rather cavalier spelling, criticism richly justified in the main, would it be possible to use grammer in a creative fashion, or must we all be run by Webster and his dire cohorts?