Saturday, August 06, 2005

The really have no IDea

Cracking story in this weeks 'The Business'. It seems that the academics and number crunchers at the LSE are not going to roll over and have their tumnmy tickled over their cost estimates for teh introduction of ID crads.
"The fightback follows an attack by the Home Office on the LSE's calculation that the national ID card scheme would cost about £19bn (E27.6bn, $33.6bn) - three times Home Office estimates. The LSE was accused of using "inaccurate assumptions", including the claim the cards would need to be replaced more than once every 10 years, to inflate estimates. But in a report this weekend, the LSE says the Home Office is guilty of "substantial material errors and misrepresentation of fact" and stands by its figures".

Just in case that wasn't enough they widen their criticism of the governments approachj to ID cards into a couple of areas beyond cost,
"The LSE also accuses the Home Office of disregarding important issues raised by the LSE, including those relating to identity fraud, policing, crime national security and discrimination."
Nothing else then

If you have not yet signed No2ID's pledge, then can I suggest you do by poddling along here and doing the decent thing.

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"teh introduction of ID crads"

L33t sp34k your first language Eliab?