Monday, July 11, 2005

Wind and noise

The morally relative Blunkett turned up in Parliament today. To say what exactly. Well if you read the sycophantic report on he scolded the locals and their lacsidasical approach to work.
With a slogan, "The best form of welfare is work, which provides independence and dignity", but then he blew it by talking about the dismal Lisbon agenda, as it it were real,
"We need to reappraise and update where we are on delivering the Lisbon agenda of jobs and growth, which are the issues the public want us to focus on,"
Oddly his little gem was polished by Derek Clark, a UKIP MEP on the Employment and Social Affairs Committee who took him to task for his waffling, "It's all very well, boasting about social measures but the greatest social benefit is for people to have jobs".
Blunkett was backed up by Gerry Sutcliffe, a Bradford MP of such unimportance that he make s the vanioshing point revealing. However this shade (whose website has the following under current campaign, "Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record." For what it's worth) Suttcliffe was trying to answer questions on the working time directive. Well HMG it seems still thinks its a dumb idea suitable for continetals, indeed "retaining the opt outs was a high UK priority". Which is rank hypocricy given the fact that every Labour MEP voted to abolish our opt out when this came up for vote in the Parliament on May 11th.

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Serf said...

Perhaps our Mr Blunkett should speak to Mr Brown about his job destroying tax system.