Friday, July 29, 2005

What they read. Second in an occasional series.

As I traipse into the European Parliament press shop I am struck by the breadth and range of the publications on display. The magazine that caught my eye today is a new lifestyle magazine, one that appeals the very core of my being,

Allergy - the essential lifestyle guide for people with allergies

In the current edition we find such gems as,
Celebrity interview: Sky TV presenter Liz Fuller: ‘I try not to sneeze on TV’ - In which we are told that she grew up in the "quaint seaside town of Swansea". Quaint!
I’m allergic to my bedclothes’ and
Ask the experts / where readers can grill the resident experts on subjects such as
"I suffer from latex allergy and am having difficulty finding anywhere that supplies latex-free underwear."
"I react badly when I come into contact with Nurofen"

OK so I am not being very caring here, but a lifestyle magazine!
Nice thing to keep on the coffee table for when friends come round, "Oh, I see that you are fructose intolerant, thank God I didn't bring those figgy rolls then"


GEA3 said...

Starts off promising I'm allergic to my bedclothes, but then damn my initial alternative is swatted down as well, I suffer from latex allergy. Starkers it is then.

Serf said...

.....In which we are told that she grew up in the "quaint seaside town of Swansea".....

There's nothing quaint about staggering through Mumbles drunk on 16 pints of beer and spewing everywhere. Its fun though.

Aunty Marianne said...

I'm allergic to people who go around being allergic to things.