Saturday, July 09, 2005

Excercising futility

Eu Referendum take up the Luxembourg story the day before the vote - which lies within their former remit as well as their newer shinier aggrandising remit.

I just wanted to make the odd observation. On Thursday I attended a No event in ths station hotel in the town centre. Only a couple of people were present at first but more did begin to appear. The event was organised in response to the dire Cohn-Bendit whio was arriving on Friday to instruct the locals in loyalty and courage no doubt.
However the main speaker, one Alfred Groff, a leading No campaigner told us a few reavealing insights
Firstly that Mr Juncker has made a statment regretting his promise to resign if Luxembourg votes No, and secondly that Juncker has been adressing meetings of less than thirty up and dopwn the country so desperate is he not to lose.
Better than that, over the last couple of weeks, if you are an elector in Luxembourg and you are hosting a BBQ with 10 or more guests then all you have to do is phone up the authorities and they will send somebody round to explain to you how wonderful the Constitution really is.
Is that the smell of desperation or do you need to turn the merguez?

My prediction based on my near complete ignorance of the situtation in the Grand Duchy.
Yes 53
No 47

My prediction for France and the Netherlands had a margin of error of up to 3% so who knows.

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