Friday, June 03, 2005

The youth of today

fascinating news out of Holland - Yes I know the big deal was the big deal, but this rather smaller deal is a pretty big deal whenit comes to the future. Over to No Tibi Spiro...

"The Dutch Interior Ministry subsidized a referendum for school kids, the so-called Scholierenreferendum. A total of 23,730 kids voted (a turnout of 47%). The result?

Only 6,812 (30,12%) voted in favour of the European Constitutional Treaty against 15,801 (69,88%) who rejected it. The number of valid votes was 22,613.

What shall we tell the parents?"


Serf said...

Theyhave no experience of life. When they grow up to understand how the EU has given them peace and prosperity they will understand why its such a wonderful thing.

On the other hand, they'd better grow up quickly or there won't be an EU left.

Elaib said...

There will be a hiatus in posting this week. The European parliament server seems to have blocked Blogger, danger of viruses I guess. That is Ifr scepticimia is contagious.

The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...


Access to blogger notwithstanding, perhaps you might like to contribute to the "Books and Bookmen" meme:

See here for details.