Monday, June 20, 2005

Party leader admits to supporting Millwall

But not any party leader. The fellow in question is the newly elected leader of the Finnish Perussuomalaiset party. One Timo Soini. Timo has recently announced that his party will be campaigning in the presidential elections (due in January 2006) on a platform of Eurosceptisism (qv a previous post) and opposition to the Constitution. His timing is fortuitous as an opinion poll this weekend has put opposition to the Constitution in Finland at 47%, with support at 34% and don't knows on 19%). He reckons this puts him in with a good shout to get through to the second round.

Whilst wandering around his website - in an uncomprehending haze - I happened upon his links page. And there, bold as brass, are and

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neil said...

Yes, but at least he doesn't have a No. 1 haircut and 18 hole boots in the photograph.... Oh actually, one can't see his footwear - and maybe that's a wig.