Monday, June 27, 2005

McNulty soils himself

The thought that the idiot who currently holds the position of immigration minister can sleep appals me.
""Since returns were resumed to Zimbabwe last November, we have received no substantiated reports of abuse of any person returned to the country," said immigration minister Tony McNulty. "

No doubt because there is no free media, but I wonder if he has heard substantive reports at all, good or bad. With a moral certainty based on watching Big Brother for ettiquette tips, the man makes me ashamed of my country.

Hillary Benn proves he is is fathers son. He also makes excuses for communist tyrants.


Aerial said...

I like you blog a lot. I'm sorry I rarely post, but its quality does not need posts from me.

Zimbabwe is an amazing situation. And even more so hearing the Africans claiming amazing shit about see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.

Me, humanity or no humanity, Africa would be told to sort it out. We seem rather to be moving towards giving them money at the very wrong time in history.

I do not think over looking yet another tyrant will bode well for the world. No doubt Africans in future years will highlight how we did nothing about Mugabe.

Anonymous said...

Africa is a problem for africans ,we can give huge amounts of money , year upon year it will make no difference , while thier leaders continue to steal it ,to date 220 billion and the ordinary african has not benefited one iota ,untill we leave them to it,there will be no improvement ,just benefit dependance.