Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Live blogging the Referendum, from Brussels (b)

Well, I will again do the best that I can, this time I even have some work to do so I fear no xhampagne, but hey as long as the result is there then who cares?
As things stand it seems that the turnout ios over 50% and rising. The No are confident and the Yes demoralised. families are voting agin one another -to my certain knowlegde -but being Dutch they are being terribly nice about it.

Anyhow, the European Parliament is near deserted, but I can sense a build up of worry.
Oh glory be, that idiot Martin Schulz MEP (here seen hugging a copy of Eurobarometer's latest report - the only polling organisation that puts the Yes camp in the lead in the UK) and leader of the Socialist Group in the EP has booked a Press Conference for 9.30 pm, here in the EP. This will clash with the Press Conference of the Dutch PM, Balkenender(sp?) from Ten Hague. How many hacks does he think will turn up to him ordering the Dutch to capitulate? I will let you know. This is followed by a dash over to the Commission for the next round of Barroso/Juncker trying to stand up for the elite.
Should be fun fun fun- (And Lord, I hope to goodness that you will forgive me this confidence).

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