Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Save us from ourselves.

The Yes campaign in the UK just gets more desperate. John Kay, serial opinion commentator in the FT today begs for a Yes vote in France.
"Yet a defeat for the constitution in France would probably be the best outcome for Europe. It would certainly be the best outcome for Britain."
Why, one might ask given that he is a committed federast?
Simple, that way the unwashed of Britain won't be able to give their own verdict on the ruddy Constitution, and therefore he will not be embarrassed when he meets up with one of his bein pensent chums.?

“Opinion surveys repeatedly show that the European public is much more favourably disposed to the project of European integration than to the institutions of the EU. And with reason. Members of the European parliament found a moment away from campaigning for the constitution to reject a proposal that their travel expenses should be limited to what they actually spend. If Mr Chirac gets his way, they can also look forward to lower VAT in Strasbourg's excellent restaurants…The danger is that the British debate is also polarised around support or opposition to the Union itself, and the vote is lost. French voters can spare us that all too likely outcome”

So what he is actually saying here is that he believes that if the British people were given the wiuthdrawal option he fears they would take it. He is probably right, which is why of course the option will not be offered.


Irina Tsukerman said...

Why shouldn't it be offered? So is EU, kind of like USA "a marriage without divorce"? There's no way out? You can't even be kicked out?

Serf said...

This is why I have gone from hoping for a Non to hoping for a Oui. We can achieve so much more with a referendum of our own.

Elaib said...

Comment from senior figure in the Commission that was relayed to me by a sceptic MEP today at lunch.
"We would far prefer a French 'No' than a British one. If the French say No then the debate about the future of Europe will be dominated with issues rerlating to socoila affairs, labour rights, and so on. If we have to deal with a British 'No' then it will all be about sovereignty, democracy and accountability".