Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hope over experience

Some people just don't give up, even though the Britain in Europe campaign has dropped any pretence of persuading the people of Britain to back the euro, that news hasn't filtered through to the European Institutions.
A dire Dutchman bythe name of Jules Maarten is producing a report titled "the implementation of an information and communication strategy on the euro and Economic and Monetary Union". It is currently in Committee stage and will be voted on next week. I will give you a fw prize quotations,
"whereas the benefits of a single currency and its accompanying instruments - a single
monetary policy and enhanced co-ordination of economic policies - cannot be seriously
questioned at this stage:...pressure on Member States to implement stability-oriented fiscal policies,"

Obviously nobody has told him about the collapse of the stupidity pact

"whereas nevertheless a certain section of the European public purports to have a negative
perception of the euro; whereas Eurobarometer polls show that this tendency is on the
rise, with support for the currency in the euro zone being 68% just before the changeover,
75% just after, and 66% in the first half of 2004;"

A certain section "purports"? OK so my negative impression of the Euro is some form of delusion, some bizzare mass hysterical reaction? Piss off Jules.
"only having a mere 0.2% effect on inflation; whereas not enough attention was paid to the
consequences of the changeover for the average consumer, who saw prices of everyday
items and services soar,"

How can these two statements nestle together so neatly? Either their was no inflation, or prices soared, make your mind up man.
"Notes the apparent unpopularity of the euro among certain citizens; considers this to be in
contradiction with the fact that the euro is possibly the most successful European project
ever launched;"

If this is a success I would dread to see a failure. And again, I must be internaly conflicted, mad even if I cannot see the bright fluffy wonderfulkness that is the single currency.
"Stresses the need to focus on the concerns of citizens from the three non-euro preenlargement
countries –UK, Sweden and Denmark- and calls upon the Commission to come up with specific action plans to help the governments of those Member States in their quest to win over a sceptic public;"

Yes you did read that right, a new wodge of propaganda cash (our taxes remember) to be spent trying to persuade us to accept something - oh go and read it for yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Up with the euro. Watch out for an angry reponse to my post.

Elaib said...

Gosh, that's rather naughty of you Anon, do you feel brave?