Saturday, May 14, 2005

Europe is a spiritual Lebensraum

Hans Gert Poettering, one of the nonentities with power in the European Parliament as leader of the EPP/ED Group – yes that includes Conservative party is quoted saying the most extraordinary things.
Only yesterday in the Parliament’s governing Conference of Presidents he is quoted as saying that “I guarantee that every member of my group (and yes that does include you Mssrs Hannan, Heaton Harris, Helmer, Sumburg and Callanan) will remove their name from the Motion of Censure, because I believe in Europe”.
Eh? The logic of this statement is splendid to behold. What I wonder would the Commission have to do to get the fellow to do his job? Take a group of small children and have them blood eagled in the middle of Rond Point Schuman?
We cannot complain about the Commissioner’s actions because negotiations are very delicate over beeswax subsidies in inner Carpathia!”

Anyhow back to the point, in yesterday’s German press Frankfuter Allegmeine Zeitung our shadow man made a very telling point that dovetails with his belief in Europe. “Europa ist nicht einfact eine Konstruktion der Politik. Europa ist geistiger Lebensraum” , or to my untrained eyes “Europe isn’t just a political construction. It is a spiritual Lebensraum”.


Is it me but does that word come and knock you between the eyes.


GEA3 said...

awesome post

Irina Tsukerman said...

Pretty scary!

Anonymous said...

Not entirely sure that he's in a position to be making that kind of guarantee.
I wouldn't mind a bet with him that there are still some names left on the motion.

To be fair to him, Lebensraum doesn't have quite the same connotations in German that it does when used in English. It simply means habitat.

Elaib said...

The pressure mounts though. I am told that they will be denounced as terrorist sympathisers if they take their names off the list.

Sinn Fein signed...

You are right about the feeling that he knows not what he says, but he is a very experienced politico and should know better.