Saturday, April 16, 2005

When Greens go Yellow

Watching its slow decomposition one often notes that before turning to a liquid goo a piece of vegatable will go yellow.
This in nature as in the European Green Party, whose leader Danny Cohn-Bendit has pulled out of his only headline gig in the French referendum. The reason for his unaccustomed reticence? Cowardice it seems.
According to another participant at 29th April event in Lyon, fellow Green MEP, Jean-Luc Bennahmias he has been pulled because the organisers were frightened it would give ‘No’ supporting greens an opportunity to make a ‘palaver’ pulled because he didn’t want to ‘We did not want to organise a meeting in which Greens who support the ‘No" position could cause a problem’.
It appears that the Green leadership who wholeheartedly support the Constitution are facing a massive internal rebellion from their membership who only marginally voted in support of it (52.9% vs 47.1%). On the back ofthat overwhelming supportfor their position the Greens are organising 7 or8 major meetings to promulgate the Yes campiagn – despite the fact that polls show that the majority of the party now support the ‘No’.

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