Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Turkey demands an apology...

From the Armenians
Speaking in Norway on Turkish NTV Turkish PM said: “The government and the opposition challenged the claims (made by the Armenians). We are opening all the state archives. Everyone should come and study the documents. If an act of genocide was committed in the past, then we will be prepared to account. However, the Armenians must be prepared to account for their history if an act of genocide was not committed.”

The good news is that the files will be opened, but he has obviously decided on what happened. He believes that the stories of the Armenian massacres were a fiction, dreamt up by a British dirty tricks department during the first was. Erdogan said that a letter has been drawn up in connection with the Blue Book on the Armenian allegations and noted that it will be signed by 550 deputies in the parliament. Erdogan said that the letter will be conveyed to the two houses of the British parliament. In a sense, it will call for an apology to Turkey. The copies of the same letter will be conveyed to the 11 countries that have taken the book as a reference.

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