Wednesday, April 06, 2005

PS: Don't tell the French

In a statement that is bound to discombobulate L'Escroc Chirac (TM EU Referendum blog) Charlie McCreevy called the French "Silly". Reported in today's Irish Independent (subs) is this nice little piece,
"McCreevy backs open markets
The opposition to more open markets in services in the EU is simply not acceptable, even if political realities prevent change in the short-term, EU Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy said yesterday.
He also attacked "silly limits" on the hours that people work and regulation which restricts the ability of industry to restructure and adapt."

Got that MrChirac, your deal in Brussels the other week is a fraud on your own people.
Now I have to admit that I agree with the little Irishman, but I am sure that there are some Frenchmen who will be very pissed off for him speaking out like this before the French Referendum.

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