Wednesday, April 13, 2005

People too stupid to decide says Slovak (dep) PM

At the same time that the Slovak Parliament admits to being confused by the Constitution (the constitutional affairs committee is not sure how binding the Constitutional Treaty of the EU will be on Slovakia´s domestic policy -
Short answer; quite a lot really) their (dep) Prime Minister, Pál Csáky announces that a ratification by the parliament is more correct than a referendum. MPs have a better opportunity to become familiar with the document, and thus can decide more objectively, while a referendum would lead to a decision by citizens who have most likely not had a chance to familiarize themselves with the document, and may thus be reacting based on popular campaigns.
Do these people listen to themselves? This is a former Soviet block country where the Prime Minister is basically saying that his people cannot be trusted to vote sensibly, and thus should not have the chance.
Democracy in Europe - no thanks.


Anonymous said...

So basically the people wont be able to understand the laws that bind them or know their rights!??!

If that ISN'T a recipe for tyranny and arbitrary power then I don't know what is!

49erDweet said...

But what if he's correct????

Who is in a better position than their leader to know whether or not one's constituents are "to stupid" (or "too stupid" in American English) to understand complex constitution issues?

But if the world accepts his POV on that issue, there is absolutely no comeback available to him when his countrymen are disregarded by others as mental 'lightweights'. He can't have it both ways.

It really isn't very flattering to be the chosen leader of dimwits. Unless, of course, one believes he can wave a magic wand and suddenly restore Slovac intelligence and social credibility.

Talk about being unclear on the concept!

Elaib said...

Whoops, consider that corrected, cough splutter...

Elaib said...

But of course, the wand will be waved immediately after ratification has taken effect.

actually said...

But isn't Slovakia one of those "we've actually seen the light" countries? I'm confused.
But probably only as much as their Prime Minister and certainly no more or less than the average Slovak in the street.
Some intelligent wag has surely written something about soviet tanks being nowhere near as effective as the acquis communautaire. Because, hey, our democratically elected leaders signed up to this (and yeah, we would have asked you, but we thought it was too complicated for you to understand).

lemuel said...

Slovak "Prime Minister, Pál Csáky"

You scared me there for a moment. Pál Csaky is only (thank god) the vice-prime minister (or deputy prime minister), responsible for human rights, minorities and of course the european integration.

And though it sure sounds like him, the arrogant bastard euro-naivist that he is, I couldnt find the quote anywhere in the article you linked to.

Elaib said...

OK I am corrected on his job title - I couldn't read his website. Funny the quote was a transalation of the article sent by the Euroepan Parliament's office in Bratislava - (As was the job title). Hmmm, maybe us EP types are being treated like the famous mushrooms. Thanks for the heads up, I will remove the quote marks.