Friday, April 15, 2005

Now hold on a minute there

Now this is where things get very difficult for those of us who believe in human rights, freedom and all that sort of stuff.
If you are the local police what do you do when you find that a bunch of neo-Nazis want to march through your dorf?

Do you,
A) Request the demo is blocked on public order grounds?
B) Allow it to go ahead and police it in a way that creates no confrontation?
C) Police it but allow a counter demonstration to take place
or do you do what they did in the town I spent part of my childhood Verden (Aller)?

"In the city of Verden in Lower Saxony, a number of initiatives and clubs converted the city centre into a cultural mile to counteract an NPD demonstration. Additionally, about 750 participated in an opposing demonstration called for by the police. Generally, all activities remained peaceful."

The police should not be involved in organising political demonstrations - stopping them maybe, but organising them, no, whoever they are in favour or against.

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