Friday, April 29, 2005

Mature reflections on France

This collection has just been sent round the Parliament by the internal press service

"Jacques BARROT - Transport Commissioner: "A 'no'will provoke a serious crisis..."
"...un 'non' provoquerait une sérieuse crise politique et psychologique et freinerait considérablement de nouvelles avancées" 25/04/05 - Les Echos
Franco FRATTINI: Justice Commissioner "The process f European intergration will be blocked"
"Sur le plan politique [un non français] serait bien plus grave qu'un non britannique, car le processus d'intégration européenne va se bloquer. Ce blocage durera18 mois ou plus encore". 27/04/05 - Le Figaro
Marianne FISCHER BOEL ; Agriculture Commissioner "Take responsibility for the EU"She criticised the member states’ governments for their handling of the referenda on the Constitutional Treaty. 25/04/05 - Politiken
Peter MANDELSON ; Trade Commissioner on the rejection of the EU Constitution
"The rejection of the EU Constitution could bring about economic chaos and undermine Europe’s position in trade negotiations" 25/04/05 - Imerisia
Günter VERHEUGEN: French "no" to EU treaty would hurt bloc
"If France rejects the constitution and if uncertainty about ratification in other countries were to last a while then it would be more difficult than usual to reach decisions in Europe,"
26/04/05 - Reuters

I just wish it were true not fictitious hyperbloe.


GEA3 said...

i knew you had to be kidding. the list is wayyyyyyyy too short!

fun though.

Gothamimage said...

You may be wrong and I think you concur.