Monday, April 25, 2005

Behind their mild mannered exterior…

Still with the The Office for Infrastructure and Logistics I just happened upon this. Now I know that children are getting quite rowdy in the Creche they run, and that the staff are on strike in some of the canteens – but what in Gods green earth do DG odds and sods need one of these items for,

S32/2003 – technical assistance in the building field
S42/2003 - Corrigendum
S32/2003 - building work
S42/2003 - Corrigendum
S101/2003 - childcare training for staff from the crèches and after-school childcare facilities run by the Commission
S121/2004 - hire of armoured vehicles
S109/2004 - taxi services (saloon cars, people carriers and vehicles fitted-out for passengers with reduced mobility) in Brussels
S121/2004 - Corrigendum

Hire of fucking armoured vehicles!!!!!!


Aunty Marianne said...

George Bush.

Dan said...

A think-tank?