Thursday, March 03, 2005

What you need to know about the propaganda campaign to come.

This one is long, but I hope useful.
The blessed, but it seems unwanted Margot has just launched the Commission propaganda programme (but please not to call it propaganda:
“The Commission has made it clear that it will not: issue propaganda on the Constitution; campaign during election periods or breach national rules on referenda or distribution of information.”
So now that you are reassured that all information emanating from the Commission is bona fide objective stuff read on).
This document grandly titled,
COMMUNICATING THE CONSTITUTION: 10 CONCRETE ACTIONS BY THE COMMISSION”, is a 4 page briefing meant for public consumption. Thus mining nuggets should be rarer than finding polite Parisians. However as a public service I shall try.
The Commission will only provide services to those countries that request them – which rather explains that slew of countries that have been rejecting Commission money. The UK being one of a number (Denmark/Czech Republic/Estonia being some) who realise that this money is tainted. However there are ways and means that even if a country explicitly rejects Commission funding that they can be ‘helped’.

Firstly it must be understood that all branches and institutions of the EU must be involved in the project. The sleepers that have been planted across the 25 will be wakened, now at the European Union’s time of need.

So some of those ten concrete actions.
“1) Wider distribution of the Constitution text for free. The Commission will not charge citizens that make a specific request for a copy of the Constitution”.
So it would be a good idea to get in touch. Now I understand that the fellow she has to work on Constitutional affairs is a fellow by the name of Mark Grey. So why not get in touch, normal format is forename dot surname at cec dot eu dot int or go here where his phone number and postal address are displayed.

“3) Informed Journalists: The Commission will increase the number of training seminars for national and regional”

Now here of course if you know any journalists, or maybe are one yourself, can I suggest you get yourself along to one of these events. The method is to get in touch with the Parliament office in your own country. Then get in touch with the official whose job it is to deal with the press. Ask them if you can get involved. If you do please let me know how it goes.

“8) Mobilising the network of multipliers. Within each policy area a network of multipliers exists that can promote the benefits of the Constitution. The Commission will mobilize these information networks at regional and local level (e.g. TeamEurope, information relays, European documentation centres). The Commission will work with the Member States to mobilize the Youth Convention network created by the Convention on the Future of Europe.”

Now this is a big one. This is the fifth column, academics whose departments have been funded for the past n years. Team Europe are the intellectual praetorian guard.
As their website states,
Team Europe is the European Commission's panel of independent conference speakers: 630 members in the 25 Member States. The members are lawyers, consultants, academics, etc. covering all fields of activity of the Union's policies and working languages. They are recruited by the Commission's Representations in the Member States”.
Please note they are independent, got that.
There are 19 in the London area, 8 in Wales, 9 in Ulster and 3 in Scotland. To add to this lot there are 19 in the international team out of Brussels who act as flying bishops in this synod. I will write a whole post on this lot, who they are what they do and how to avoid them.
Then you have a network of European Documentation Centres, all tasked with pumping out propaganda/information. Go to this map and have a look.
And finally inthis section is the Youth network. This is comprised of those who were part of the Youth Convention. For example Alison Goldsworthy a Lib Dem candidate in South Wales, pornography campaigner, and generally odd girl, she claims “I’m not scary”, I’m not convinced.

10) Making PRINCE work. The Commission will intensify its contacts with Member States to speed-up delivery of country allocations under the PRINCE programme.

PRINCE is the much vaunted programme that ran the information/propaganda campaign first on the introduction of the Euro, and later on the enlargement process. It is a well funded and in its own way ruthless team who are infamous for sacking the Slovak government because they were not propagandizing properly.

That is what I could dig out that is in the public domain. I have no idea what is going on behind the scenes.

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