Monday, March 07, 2005

What have these people got in common?

Sarah Asp, Worker for Swedish SSU (Social Democratic Youth League)

Bernard Zahra. Senior figure in the Committee of the Regions.

Per Altenberg. Working at the Swedish National Board of Trade

Sixtine Bouygues. Working for the European Commission (Formerly Head of the EU Delegation to France) see p27.

They have all posted pro Margot comments on her latest blog offering. Now Sarah posted at 5.11pm – work time methinks. (Oh and Margot was Ombudsman, Swedish Social Democratic Youth League 1974-1977 according to her CV).
Bernard posted at 11.33am, maybe on one of the famous Committee of the Regions coffee breaks – must ask Robert McCoy about him. Now Per logged in at 11.47 – early lunch in Liberal state employed Sweden? Sixtine added her hap’peny worth at 4.29. Definitely a tea break.

It seems that on this one blog post about half of the pro-Margot commentators (who left a traceable contact will be applauded by their employers for their public stand. Their employers are of course – the European tax payer – or in the case of Sarah and Per, just the Swedes.


Anonymous said...

Should you not be working too, or does the PPE consider this work Mr I?

Elaib said...

Up to a point Lord Copper, up to a point.
Oh and not I sadly.