Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sultan's seed unsettles Cyprus

According to the Turkish Cypriot newspaper Kibris, the grandchildren of Sultan Abdulmecitare undertaking an initiative alleging that they have the ownership right on properties left by their grandfathers in Cyprus”.
This opens a whole can of worms because it seems almost all ofthe old family property lies in the Greek half. It is assumed that the grandchildren of the Sultan demand property belonging to Evkaf religious foundation as “dependent region”. Most of these properties are in the area of Larnaca.

The grandchildren of the Sultan will have the right of ownership on the property if they know the name of the trust deed of the foundation and its founder or prove that their relationship to Abdulmecit. If the grandchildren can prove that they have the right of ownership on the property and the property is administrated by the Evkaf Administration they can get the 85 % of the income from it.

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JohnJo said...

I'm looking forward to getting my fathers land back from the Turks in Cyprus some time.