Tuesday, March 15, 2005

He is an idiot, a nice man but an idiot

In a bizarre turn of events almost all members of the EPP agreed on something. They agreed that the EU should make Hezbollah a proscribed terrorist organisation. However one Tory MEP, Edward McMillan-Scott doesn't.
He is the Vice-President of the Parliament and is a member of the EPP rather than the ED section of the political group, therefore subscribing to a whole range of policies that put him at odds with his electors. However this just takes the biscuit,
"I don't like blacklists" he is quoted as saying in EUReporter, "I don't think it is wise to take such a strong position when thousands demonstrate in support of Hezbollah. It doesn't help".

I don't care if he does claim to be a distant relation of Lawrence of Arabia, that is a disgrace. What would he say about other organisations, which have popular support but use terror as a method. Hamas for example. Surely blacklisting them would be a bad thing to, so why have a proscribed list. After all describing somebody as a terrorist is unhelpful.


Anonymous said...

Forgive me, but the word on the table cloth...it can't be what I think it is...can it?

And yes, this man is an idiot.

Elaib said...

A photo taken by a friendly coleague at the famous Peniston Show in his Yorkshire constituency.