Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Elizabeth the Unready?

While hosting a dinner for the visit of the Italian President Ciampi to the UK the Queen has been put into a very tight spot. Outrageously she has entered the Constitution debate, very much on the side of the 'Yes' campaign.
"The EU Constitutional Treaty, signed in Rome last year, is a sign of our shared commitment to Europe’s future."

How Her Majesty, her advisers and the republican coterie that make up the new Establishment can justify such an intervention in the most contentious political debate of our time I cannot understand.
To do so in a way that goes against the point of view of her subjects is even more extraordinary.
What are the Tories, or UKIP going to do about it?

Demand to know under whose advice this speech was given? under whose instructions was the Queen allowed to make such a blatantly political statement.
I would love to hear the Duke of Edinburgh’s feelings about the matter, or the late Queen Mother’s for that matter.

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