Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Slovenian democrats

Jelko Kacin MEP's comments about Slovenia's rapid ratification of the EU Constitution on the internal European Parliament newsletter, The Newshound are enlightening, and telling. To say, "it will provide for a deeper, wider, more efficient and more democratic European Union which will also play a more successful role on the world stage. When it comes to sport, a 79:4 result can never be judged an ambiguous result. This result stands as a convincing victory for European goals and a formidable defeat for the Eurosceptics", is true as far as it goes. The 87% support for the Constitution amongst professional politicians is one thing. But democracy requests that those politicians represent the people of their country. A people who, according to the most recent polls produced by Ljubljana University's Social Sciences Faculty however showed only 54% of the population in favour. Democracy is good when it supports your point of view Jelko, not such a formidable defeat really, is it?

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