Thursday, February 24, 2005

Jack Ass

David Jack is the Lib Dem PPC for Wolverhampton North East. He is also an idiot as can be seen by going here and reading his selection keynote speech.

Having proudly stated his local roots he goes on to talk about the fact that in Wolverhampton
" Unemployment – above the national average,
Educational standards – below the national average,"

Reading the rest of the speech does rather confirm his comment about education.

He has a "Moral yardstick", whatever one of those is and he uses it to measure his morals, I guess. Oh yes his morals. No death penalty for killers, yes death penalty for foetuses(ae?).

I do not believe that it works.
I believe that such sentences only exacerbate violence in society – look at the USA.
Criminals faced with the death sentence will go to even further extremes to avoid detection and capture. I believe violence would become the norm in the execution of crime. Society as a whole would become the loser if capital punishment was returned to the statue books.

How can we stand in judgement of the sanctity of life on the one hand and call for the price of a life on the other? It is a moralistic nonsense, nay – even barbaric to call for the death sentence.
I am moved to recall Ghandi, and I quote, “An eye foe an eye? – surely, we will all go blind!”
I agree.

I turn to the issue of abortion. I believe this is an issue that is best decided by the situation that the requirement arises in.
I believe that the women’s choice should be absolute. The most important thing to consider is the support and counselling made available to all involved persons is complete and unbiased.

"I do not believe that it works", as somebody has pointed out it rather depends what you want it to do. I understand that the recidivist rate is pretty low.
Then again if you are "moved to recall Gandhi," it would be encouraging if you could spell his name right, and get the quote right "An eye for eye will make the whole world blind".

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