Monday, February 06, 2012

There is Top Totty in London, and Top Totty in Brussels

The great furore over the beer being chucked out of the Stranger's Bar in Brussels pales into insignificance when you see what is being pushed in Brussels.

POKEuroparl is a new venture in the anonymous urban battleship that is the European Parliament HQ in Brussels.

The beautician at this place is a young lady by the name of Melody Fortuna - which just has to be a pseudonym. Who advertises herself on the website thusly,

Which rather puts the strangers bar in the shade now doesn't it.

The question remains whether setting up a beauty salon in the EP at this moment is advised, though looking at some of our Euro representatives maybe it should be compulsory.

HT New Europe

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

She should have done one of those morph animations…

From Ashton to Melody…

And all this can be yours with a visit to my beauty parlour.

As it stands it is offensive to muslims, men, women, gays, black people, fat people and so on…