Friday, November 04, 2011

Bit puzzling for the fellow

Gosh they must be getting worried. Here is a tweet from a decent enough Tory (one of the rebels)
Wondering how to persuade enthusiastic young UKIPers to join the only party capable of turning this country around

Of course the problem he faces isn't trying to get Ukipers to join the Tories, it is stopping the flow of young Tory activists from voting for and joining UKIP.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the europlastics are getting desperate.

Look, Steve, it's the Tories who signed the big EU treaties, it's the Tories who continue to sign away our rights to Bruxelles (European Investigation Order, etc), it's the Tories who have been betraying the UK for 50 years:

If any of those young (or not so young) Ukip activists want some free campaigning material, there's tons in this 4MB book: (the blurb is here:

imagination said...

visiting..visit me back guys