Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Whilst salt runs out, the LGA announces a new Conference

The country is gripped by a big freeze, Councils up and down the country are in a predicament,
County road chiefs have already used nearly two thirds of the salt stockpiled before the big freeze, KentOnline can reveal.
Kent County Council had stored 23,000 tonnes of salt before the winter season began in October.
Now it says there's just 8,000 tonnes left at its seven depots across the county.
So what does the LGA organise and advertise today?
Can we afford not to adapt to climate change?
In breathless prose they pose the question...
Action by local authorities will be essential in ensuring that the UK is well prepared for a changing climate. If we are not prepared this could leave our services and our communities vulnerable and have a severe impact on future budgets.
How can local authorities ensure their communities, services and buildings are resilient to future climate impacts?
What like snow and ice?

They just do not get it do they. They are still planning for this sort of stuff,
If temperatures rise and flash floods occur more frequently, or if new pests or diseases appear, this could create sudden, traumatic and expensive strains on many of the services that councils deliver. It could also be a disaster for local economies.
When the reality on the ground is somewhat different. Is it any wonder that they don't have the true grit required by the country, when they won't buy grit but prefer to spend money on those expected to turn up to the conference,
  • Members/Portfolio Holders and Officers with responsibilities for: Environment and Emergency Planning as well as Health, Social Care, Education, Transport, Economic Development and Finance
  • Consultants
  • Representatives from the private and third sector involved in the climate change agenda

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Anonymous said...

I live in a cold part of the world as well, and every few years or so we get weather which makes us use up all of the stockpiled road salt earlier than usual. So what do we do? We buy more. Salt is cheap and it employs people to mine it. This is a good thing.

But many people like to try to scare the public into believing in AGW. This is just another example of it. The public is fatigued by this approach now, even children don't buy it. I hate to speculate but I think the green movement has lost a whole next generation of young people who might have picked up the green torch in future years. Too bad.