Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More spys in the skies

Little piece of news that sent a shiver down my spine. Of course normally I applaud any business doing well, but in this instance.... well maybe not,

Frost and Sullivan have just put this out,
Steady demand from government civilian agencies is pushing the air surveillance market in Europe, especially for unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs), civil helicopters, multi mission aircraft and airborne radars.

And it gets better for those who live in London, Dorset and elsewhere,
"The civil security air surveillance market in Europe will benefit from growing co-operation between EU member states and the industry," says Frost & Sullivan Program Manager Balaji Srimoolanathan.
"Large-scale events like the 2012 Summer Olympics in London will be a testing ground for civil UAVs."

Civil security air surveillance is used in urban networks for law enforcement, maritime surveillance, emergency medical services, earth observation, and in the energy sector. There is significant potential in these sectors for air surveillance and greater cooperation among industry participants is making the market business critical.

All a bit Blade Runner and I don't like it one little bit


Anonymous said...

Some of them are funny looking little flying drones.
Wait till one drops out of the sky and strikes an unfortunate person on the head ouch !
Injury lawyers for you ?

Anonymous said...

Are they not dropping bombs on civilians in Afghanistan by mistake already, just a matter of time.