Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Zone of Free Expression

Today the Ind/Dem Group were launching their campaign for a referendum on the revised 'Reform Treaty' to be agreed at a future Intergovernmental Conference in Portugal. The gimmick was to have a large inflatable bulldozer parked next to the European Council summit drawing attention to the fact that ther Heads of Government were preparing to 'bulldoze' public opinion.

The Bulldozer was parked in a scrap of land described rather grandiosely as the 'Zone of Free Expression'.

The following pics tell their own story,

Blown up in all its glory. But we reckoned without the Police.

Who rather took exception to the blimp,

Words were exchanged,

Alternative acommodation was suggested for a couple of MEPs,

And the Bulldozer was arrested, and now resides in an army barracks.

Bye bye Bulldozer, see you in a short while


SpanishGoth said...

Awwww - you didn't tell the 'bouncing policeman tale'.


No wonder you nearly got arrested

Tippler said...

You gotta fight

For the right

To buuuuulldoze...

Anonymous said...

The Fourth Reich marches on.

The Aunt said...

What an enormous public relations coup gift the Brussels police just gave UKIP. They couldn't have bought such good publicity.

Or could they....