Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's over

Sarko tells us that France wins, Blair says that the UK wins, Merkel says Europe wins. It's an odd game when everybody is a winner.

Odd swan song, no laughs, no jokes, just a slow, if bullish press conference. No referendum, no change, nothing at all.

So why did it go on so long? I am convinced that certain aspects of this will, like a Brown budget only become clear when business has seen and digsted it. Whether this is enough I do not know.


The Aunt said...


Do a Desmond Morris-style manwatching analysis on Margaret Beckett's expression. Is she shutting her eyes to block everything out?

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Morning Auntie,

I hadn't realised that Margaret Beckett was an eye shutter! I'll look closer next time...

This is one of the most irritating gestures that anyone can make! In effect, the perpetrator is shutting out everything and everyone, and taking no notice of anything others are saying or doing. So no change there in her case!

A new variation is Ed Balls' dreadful blink and stare problem.

I once worked with a chap who used to wear a chunky identity bracelet on his right wrist. When he wanted to shut out all opposition to his little world, he used to wave his hand and let the ridiculous metal object clank everywhere. You can guess that I never rated him above low grade mediocrity - and his stupid affected wife pissed off Mrs S as well.

Why have you got me saying all this?

Honey said...

You have not been tagged